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Together we build your company forerunner’s customer experience that will help you break free from the chains of price competition and old silos.

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How do I build a forerunner service business in the future?

Forget what the majority thinks and differentiate yourself by being a leader in customer understanding business. In order to do that you need to be in the first line to see the trends of the future systematically.

Together we define which future phenomena impact specifically your service business. As a result you get concrete and prioritized customer process and strategic choices for developing the service business.

What you get

  • + Future trends and the impacts on business environment
  • + Strategic choices and your concepts’ business potential
  • + Competitive advantages goals and prioritized digital customer processes

Our customer examples

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Satu Koivulehti

Head of Business Design

+358 504033356


How do I optimize my investments to develop service business of tomorrow?​

If you don’t want to be in the price competition and instead be the service your customer chooses over and over again, you need to offer the best experience in your industry.​

Together we define what is the customer experience DNA for specifically your company’s service business. As a result you get concrete action plan for delivering and managing the customer experience. 

What you get

  • + Goals for customer experience and buyer personas
  • + Digital customer process service library and KPI’s
  • + Action plan for systematic development of customer experience

Our customer examples

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Milla Sumelius

Chief Design Officer

+358 404104128


How do I create a distinct community for my service business today?

Set yourself free of stiff structures and be the most engaging community ecosystem for your customers. In order to do that you need to offer your value chain most interesting content in your industry. ​

Together we define what kind of attractive community your service business creates. As a result a concrete community for continuous development and customer engagement.

What you get

  • + The customer needs for service business and customer collaboration goals
  • + The concept and business model for customer community
  • + Service library and governance model for continuous development of the customer community​

Our customer examples

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Mika Raulas

Industry Head

+358 405488445

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