Customer Relationship Management

Get your customer experience to the next level with well-designed and implemented sales, marketing and customer service tools.

Your goal can be engaging customers, a holistic customer management vision or tools, or more efficient sales and marketing. Roger can design customer experiences and touch-points that your customers appreciate. Also, we don’t want to make difficult services, but those that your employees want to use to ease their work.

Some options to start from

When customer relationship management systems work seamlessly together, the holistic customer understanding within the organization is growing. Your company is able to provide your customer the services they need at the right time, which increases customer loyalty and business results.

1. Set the base

When you are planning to get a whole new CRM system, invest in design, roadmap and choosing the right platform for you. You don’t have to do everything at once. You can take over using the platform step by step.

2. Engage users

Renew your customer management with user friendly tools. The best way to engage people with the new CRM system is to involve them in designing it. Get more out of your existing systems by making them user friendly and designed to support every day work for each role.

3. Set a holistic view

A great customer experience is created by combining all customer-affecting systems together. In the best case, the partners, the sales and of course the customer are also involved. Designing this complex community requires perspectives of the customer, the business and the technical aspect.

Some customer examples


Customers are involved in a new era in the global Salesforce portal


Integration between Hubspot and CRM enables a more efficient sales model


More efficient and more personal communication at every customer service stage

Technology partners

  • Salesforce partner since 2007
  • Speciality in complex integrations for global environments into cloud services
  • First and only OEM partner in the Nordics
  • Over 100 implemented Salesforce solutions
  • High customer satisfaction emphasizing understanding of customer needs and agile project delivery

  • We have designed and implemented solutions for global customer environments
  • Concrete results in developing digital marketing and sales
  • Skilful integrations between marketing automation and other systems
  • Vision for maximal impact, agile implementation and continuous support and development services

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