Ten times more efficient sales model and doubled hit rate to SME's with marketing automation.

"Marketing automation enables us to identify and reach the customers who visit our websites and are interested in our services. With care models we can interact with our digital customers in ways that simply did not exist before."

Erkka Lilja, Head of Process Digitalization, Lindström Group

Effective customer acquisition from the SME segment

Creating great customer experiences is important for Lindström. Digitalising the business and processes to meet customer needs and changing purchasing behavior is an important part of it. Lindström understood that in order to focus employee resources on the customer experiences of their key customers, they must have efficient digital tools and processes for getting in new customers.

Lindström's digital business is based on a web site that offers customers value and through that produces high-quality leads for the company.

Lindström has previously invested on the visibility and discoverability of their website, so they learned what their customers and prospects are looking for on their website. They wanted to take the next logical step into guiding these web visitor forward on their potential buyers journey. Lindström now provides personalised content for the true needs of the prospects resulting in growing number of high quality leads for their sales team.

The results speak for themselves

The sales team understood through experience the value of the inbound leads and they were committed to contact each lead efficiently. Lindström and Roger Studio launched marketing automation project together in spring 2017. The hit rate to Lindström's online sales people has more than doubled compared to traditional outbound sales.

At the beginning of the project, leads produced by marketing automation were taken care of one sales person. High-quality leads quickly began to grow to over 100 a month, resulting the team first expanding to two sales people and eventually to four, with 80% of meeting targets being met by web leads.

What did we do

  • Website conversion optimization to produce high-quality leads
  • Service-specific content and landing pages responding to the identified needs and questions of SMEs
  • Effective plans for lead nurturing and management with automated care models
  • Continuous development and growth hacking
  • Based on the results of a successful project, Lindström expanded the pilot activities in addition to Finland to four other countries


Lindström Group

Erkka Lilja, Head of Process Digitalization
Mari Saarinen, Corporate Communications Manager
Helena Kujanpää, Demand Generation Manager

Roger creators

Samppa Kaartinen, Marketing Automation Strategist
Jaakko Markkanen, Content Designer

Enabling technology


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