Boosting Marketing Automation

Take your existing marketing automation activities to the next level.

Are you already doing marketing automation? Great! Are you getting as much out of it as you possibly can? No? Here’s where we can step in and help you boost it's potential.

Roger Studio’s Marketing Automation Audit is a service where our team of marketing automation experts take an in-depth look at your existing marketing automation activities and performance to help you increase their impact.

The outcome: an actionable set of development suggestions you can start working on quickly to take your digital game to the next level.

What exactly do we do in a Marketing Automation Audit?

Discuss & Explore

In the first phase, we talk with you to in order to understand your business. Together we choose the marketing automation program that is a priority for development. Based on the chosen program, we gather the team for the lean audit project. The team includes people from your company and people from us. The line-up varies depending on the case at hand, but from our side the team usually includes a marketing automation specialist, a service designer and a project manager.

Dive In & Analyze

In the second phase, we immerse ourselves in the chosen marketing automation program:

  • Conduct target group interviews to understand the customers’ needs
  • Design a new buyer persona or polish an existing one to give direction for doing customer-centric business
  • Dig up the available performance data to find any gaps or glitches in the process. If something is working particularly well, we find ways to amplify and scale that success.

Retract & Redesign

Having thoroughly researched your marketing automation program, we go to the drawing board and design a new and optimized version of the program. Depending on your situation:

a) We can provide you with an actionable list of adjustment and optimization suggestions to get your program to produce desired results.

b) We can blow up the existing model altogether and give you a blueprint for a completely new program.

c) We can execute both a and b options.

Close & Continue

In the final phase of the project we review the outcome of the project and agree on possible next steps. If there is some way we can help you further with your marketing automation, great – let’s do it together! If not, we bid you farewell and let you get to work towards next level marketing automation with the valuable and concrete development roadmap produced together in the project.

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