Connecting Marketing Automation

Integrate your marketing automation software with your CRM and other customer data sources for maximal impact.

To get the most out of your marketing automation initiatives, get your marketing automation software to exchange information with your other sources of customer data, such as CRM and eCommerce platform.

You can certainly create business impact with a stand-alone marketing automation solution without integrating it with outside sources. However, to get the most out of your marketing automation, and to serve both new contacts and your existing customers, you will eventually have to break the ice and connect your marketing automation technology to other platforms and data sources.

Why Connect?

What does an integration between your marketing automation software and CRM allow you to do? For example:

  • Bring all marketing generated leads automatically into your CRM for your sales team to manage.
  • Enrich the data of leads in your marketing automation platform with the data you have in your CRM.
  • Bring your existing customer data from CRM to your marketing automation platform and start triggering automatic and contextually relevant omni-channel marketing for your customers based on their web behaviour.
  • Create unfair competitive advantage by triggering automatic notifications to your sales people of their customers’ online behaviour – empower your sales team with beyond valuable customer insight.

How We Approach Integration Projects

There is no need to go all out immediately. We believe in a step-by-step approach where technology solutions go aligned with your business needs. Here is how we do it.


We gather in a workshop with you and map out your current business technology architecture. Using tech expertise and service design methods, we put together an architecture roadmap for you to strive towards. This will serve as your blueprint for development in the coming years.


Having laid out the blueprint for your ideal technology architecture, we prioritize and select the integrations you need right now from a business and marketing automation perspective.


Once we have selected the integration to be performed, we open the toolbox and select the right instruments for the job. Usually the first logical step is to integrate your Marketing Automation software and your CRM.

Integration Project Example

Phase 1 of the integration: Automated process where all new marketing automation generated online leads flow into your CRM for your sales team – allowing your sales people to manage new online generated sales opportunities in the environment they are used to.

Phase 2 of the integration: Cleaning up the existing customer data you have in your CRM and implementing a process where that data is automatically pumped into your marketing automation software – allowing you to create timely and meaningful marketing that feels like good service for your key customers.

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