Getting Started with Marketing Automation

Marketing is transforming into service. Marketing automation helps you understand your customer and even exceed their expectations with your amazing level of service.

Roger Studio understands your business needs, knows your customers and can set up marketing technologies to serve them both. The world is full of marketing automation solutions – at Roger Studio we can help you plan marketing programs for any of them.

How can we help?

In addition to designing the programs, we can set up and help you run marketing technology solutions: Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Pardot, HubSpot and our own Roger.Dialog solution. Read more about marketing automation technologies.

If you're already using marketing automation, check out our Marketing Automation Audit and Marketing Automation Integration services.

If you're wondering how to get started with marketing automation, read on!

Vision of Marketing Automation

What possibilities does marketing automation offer to your company? And how can those be taken advantage of?

We believe that embarking on a marketing automation journey should always be a decision driven by a clear business goal. Without this approach, your marketing automation initiative can turn into a technology project with no business impact. We do not want that to happen, do we?

In the vision phase, we work together with you and your customers to map out your customer journey and to define your buyer personas – to understand how and why your customers interact with your company. Using that customer insight as a basis, we can identify and structure concrete use cases where marketing automation would most benefit you and your customers throughout each stage of your shared journey.

Planning Marketing Automation Programs

Ready to get even more concrete? Super. Having defined a clear vision and a business goal, we prioritize your marketing automation use cases and turn the most valuable ones into well-structured marketing automation programs.

What triggers a particular set of automated actions? What is the desired goal? How do we know if that goal has been reached? What kind of external and internal messages need to be crafted for the program? These are the kinds of questions we are answering in the planning phase.

As a result, you have a concrete blueprint for putting your marketing automation into operation and you know how to measure its impact. In other words, you're ready to rock!

Choosing the Technology for Marketing Automation

Again, we emphasize that marketing automation should not be a technology project, but a change driven by marketing and sales. Therefore, it is crucial to first understand your company's needs, strategy and competences. However, technology is required if you wish to put your marketing automation plans into practice.

We are happy to help you choose the right technology for your marketing automation purposes. If you have already gone through the vision and planning phases (above) with us, we already have a common understanding of what you want to achieve. We then combine this knowledge with an understanding of your current IT landscape before giving you a comparison of different solutions we believe would best suit your company. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Putting Marketing Automation into Practice

We believe that marketing automation should be put into practice in an agile way: starting with the most valuable actions, testing, analyzing and then improving on the results. This way you can see results fast and gain internal buy-in for the change. In other words, generate excitement! We are happy to help you start your engine with HubSpot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot or our own Roger.Dialog in order to take your marketing, sales and customer experiences to the next level.

Our implementation services include:

  • Acquiring necessary software licenses and setting up your marketing automation environment
  • Implementing the first marketing automation programs we have planned with you from a business point of view.
  • Training your people to use the software efficiently and answering their questions during the implementation process
  • Designing flexible & functional content templates (emails, landing pages, blogs etc.) according to your company style guide
  • Testing out your technical setup and automation programs to make sure everything works tip-top before going live
  • Analysing first results and providing optimization suggestions based on performance data

To make sure that you have full transparency throughout the project, everything is delivered efficiently, and possible changes are handled effectively, we always hook you up with a project manager in addition to our team of specialists.

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