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We know and love both IT infrastructure and marketing – therefore we can help you choose the most suitable missing piece.

We are happy to roll our sleeves and help you get started with HubSpot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Pardot or our own Roger.Dialog marketing automation platform. As a technology-independent consulting partner, we are also happy to help you plan marketing programs regardless of your technology choices.

HubSpot – Growth Tools for Combining Marketing & Sales

HubSpot is built around the methodology of doing truly customer-centric business – inbound. This is why we are proud to be a Gold Level HubSpot Partner Agency!

HubSpot's Marketing Hub provides you with all the tools to plan, create, promote and analyze content online. It allows you to personalize your content to a great depth - in today’s world you cannot approach the empowered buyers with a “one size fits all” approach. Attract visitors to your website with valuable content, convert them into identified leads with forms, chat or subtle pop-up boxes, and nurture these leads with marketing automation – all available in HubSpot. Want to see some HubSpot results? Check out what we did with one of our customers, Lindström (in Finnish).

HubSpot’s Sales Hub helps you bring your sales team to a new level of customer-centric selling that feels less like pushing and more like good service. With HubSpot’s sales tools you can manage your pipeline and deals, set up automated messaging sequences to prospects, let prospects and customers easily book meetings from your calendar and get a single view of a contact's web behaviour and interaction with your company.

HubSpot can be used as a stand-alone solution, but many of our customers have decided to integrate HubSpot to their existing CRM solution (Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce CRM etc.) which acts as the customer data master. This allows you to create tremendous business impact, as the lion's share of your business can be generated from existing customers. Read more about our integration services here.    

The inbound methodology as described by HubSpot. To learn more about HubSpot as a technology go to or contact us!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – The Customer Relationship Management Platform

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a versatile and powerful marketing automation platform whose strength lies in customer relationship management via personalized 1-to-1 journeys. Marketing Cloud enables you to effectively manage pre-scheduled email campaigns, automated communication with the customer according to their life-cycle stage and, for example, real-time order confirmations from your webstore. In addition to email communications, Marketing Cloud supports mobile and social media communications as well as targeted advertising. Good stuff, right?

Marketing Cloud is part of the Salesforce ecosystem, and its biggest benefits are obtained when it is used side by side with Sales Cloud, Salesforce's CRM system. Any events, such as a new webstore order, a product rating, an upcoming birthday or a change in the customer’s home address can act as a trigger for starting a new dialogue with the customer.

Marketing Cloud performs best when you do not have a salesperson involved in your sales process, but you do have a considerable number of customers and you want to develop a personalized customer experience for every individual. So, it is only natural that most of our Marketing Cloud customers operate in the B2C industry.

Roger Studio has extensive experience in Marketing Cloud implementations for global trade companies and non-profit organizations.

Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder allows you to create personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey. To learn more about Marketing Cloud go to or contact us!

Pardot – B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce

Along with Marketing Cloud, Pardot is one of Salesforce's customer relationship management solutions. Pardot’s strengths as a marketing automation tool come to play when your sales process involves a sales person, and you want marketing and sales to work seamlessly together.

Salesforce Pardot performs to its maximum potential in inbound marketing: acquiring and nurturing new leads and handing them out to sales when they are warm enough. Like Marketing Cloud, Pardot can bring its A-game when connected to Salesforce CRM – this is when marketing automation programs can run efficiently fueled by customer data coming from the CRM.

Roger Dialog

Roger.Dialog is our own in-house developed marketing automation solution. With Dialog, you can automate the sending of marketing messages based on existing customer data.

Dialog is the tool of choice when your existing IT landscape needs custom integrations to retrieve customer data from multiple sources. Dialog supports email and SMS messages and can also be used to export segments for telemarketing and snail mail sending purposes.

With Roger.Dialog marketing automation solution, we have seen great results in customer retention and increased subscription renewal rates with our customers in the media industry.

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