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We lead your digital transformation starting from your strategy all the way to your daily customer encounters.

Businesses are now investing in personal and intelligent services. The best services are built combining business understanding, service design, and intelligent technology. These three go hand in hand end to end in everything we do.

Areas we serve

Strategic customer experience desing

Good design helps to make complex things easy to understand and simple. With design, even the cold interactons with technology will become intuitive and enjoyable. Learning and adopting to new things become easier and faster.

Through design, we continuously develop how we work with our customers and how our customers work with their customers. We use a wide range of design methods based on human behavioral patterns in service planning and work placement. We combine all those functions and people who have even a toe in customer experience, such as business planning, technology, customer communication, and service users.

Marketing Automation

Marketing is transforming into service. Marketing automation helps you understand your customer and even exceed their expectations with your amazing level of service.

Roger Studio understands your business needs, knows your customers and can set up marketing technologies to serve them both. The world is full of marketing automation solutions – at Roger Studio we can help you plan marketing programs for any of them.

Are you still wondering about marketing automation or would like fresh up your customer communication methods?


Roger Studio has 20 years of history and excellence in customer relationship management and various CRM systems. We work closely with world-leading CRM solutions such as Salesforce Lightning, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

We take into account the importance of business and design in all our technicalities when CRM is exported to a user-friendly experience. Roger has world-class expertise in user interface design for both internal and external brand management. Thus, we provide a wholesome solution and benefits from the customer’s perspective.

Data & intelligence

We have versatile skillset for data management and analytics. Our customer data management expertise (CDM) ensures that our customer's customer data is in order. Clean data enables better use in business and services for the end customers.

Our Business Intelligence professionals develop data results and transparency for all activities. We are able to provide our customers a vision of the latest technologies up to their everyday lives. We bring artificial intelligence and new intelligent innovations into everyday life.

Key industries

Our main focus is on two key industries which are trade and manufacturing. In these two industries we lead the change of the industry fundaments.

Interested specifically where manufacturing industry is going and want to be one of leaders in digitalisation? Then read more here.

A full description of our specific services to trade industry is on its way. If you wish to hear more please contact us directly!

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